> how did this project begin?

> my first mom interview


pictured here are the anderson siblings: charles (wife dolly), polly (husband bob, sons rob and dave), hattie (husband russell), john (wife joann), ginny, and mom&dad (maggie) seated in the patio next to the university of iowa imu - iowa memorial union building at the base of the art building bridge across the iowa river. mom says they are gathered for a homecoming football game. at the time this picture was taken mom (in white), polly (to the right of her) and hattie (just behind polly) are all expecting. this was in the fall of 1954, mom had her first child, martha, in december. polly had her first daughter (third child) sue in november and hattie had her first child, jeff, in april. polly and bob and their two sons rob and dave were living in coralville at this time and bob was working at his pharmacy - gibbs drug store located in downtown iowa city where the building now stands that houses true value in the ped mall. charlie and dolly were living on college street in iowa city, charlie was working at the press citizen. john and joann, hattie and russell were down from northwest iowa. ginny was in school at iowa working on her doctorate. and mom and dad were up from davenport.