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how did this project begin?

this project consciously began as i reached my early twenties and realized the similarities of the image in the mirror and the photos of my mother at my age. more than anything i just wanted to know what it was like to be her when she was young and so started the mom project. it began as a fascination with old family photographs, seeing the relationships between family members, especially from a time that i didn't experience, before i was born, before i knew them. so many questions.

once it began i realized that i wanted to provide family information in a collected format for my mother, her siblings, and their children in a way that lent itself to growth, was inexpensive and showed rare family photos with high image quality. this led to wanting more, wanting to learn as much as possible about mom and her youth and her family. by doing this project i hope to provide a place for stories to collect over time.

both of my parents are the youngest in their families -- mom is the youngest of 6, dad the youngest of 4. this makes me the youngest of 39 cousins on both sides combined. on my mother's side the oldest is my cousin rob who has been working on our family genealogy. there are, by last count, 35 children of my cousins on my mother's side alone. it is my hope they will use this as a resource in their own path to discovering their history.