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almeda anderson huston goes on a boat trip to the old country...


may 24, 1954 aboard the gothenburg swedish american line to stockholm

dear mabel, had some rough sea yesterday. fed the fishes. fell better today and the sea is calmer. saw danny kaye in knock on wood last night, captain's dinner and dance tonight. and i see a movie is posted for this p. m. "norway, denmark and sweden". we go through customs early thursday morning. the time goes so fast. every meal is like a banquet and such good food. they keep us busy and so many people around. almeda

june 2, 1954 postcard of red tulip field

hi, we are in den hague in the netherlands. saw queen juliana's palace yesterday. brandt and wife are taking us around today. tulip time is over so we do not get to see the tulips in bloom. we went to fireworks on the north sea beach last night and then to a nightclub cabaret afterwards. they have a wonderful beech (sic) here, something like coney island. they talk and can understand english, so that makes it nice. received your letter here. glad to hear from you. we keep on the move. love, almeda


june 4, 1954 rembrandt portrait postcard

was in a big museum here in amsterdam. saw some of their old wonderful paintings. the brandts are taking us to amsterdam this morning and to take our ------ to bruxelles at 1:30pm. received virginia card and will try and contact her fiance in frankfurt around june 12. glad to hear from you. love, almeda


june 7, 1954 black & white photo of eiffel tower

here we are in paris, a very busy time and completely too short a stay here. saw the follies bergere this afternoon. took the lift to the top of eiffels tower. yesterday we went to versailles and we really ran into a mob of people. no shopping as it is a holiday here and the stores are closed. a very beautiful and interesting city. love, almeda


june 9,1954 hand-tinted photo of swiss alps and lake geneva

we are in montreux a beautiful setting on lake geneva. our room has a balcony overlooking the lake and mont blanc in the distance and snow covered mts. tonight we went to an old wine cellar to a dance and entertainment. taking a cruise on lake geneva in the am. love, almeda


june 14, 1991 copenhagen royal guard

dear mabel, we are in copenhagen, denmark for a few days. went to tivoli tonight which is a wonderful amusement park. quite a beautiful sight at night when the colored lights are all lighted. tomorrow the jensen's are taking us in their car about the city and places of interest. it rained all day today so didn't do too much. love, almeda


june 18, 1954 chinese theatre in copenhagen

dear virginia, i (sic) surely was nice meeting don in frankfurt germany, also some of his friends, and he took us to so many places and showed us such a good time. however he did have quite a hard time before he found us. we are now in sweden, timsfors, not too far from urikstad where you were in sweden. this picture is a scene taken in the tivoli in copenhagen. thank you for writing me. was happy to hear from you. love, almeda


june 21, 1954 postcard of couple sitting by a lake ringed with pines

we are visiting emma munson's relation in ahus, sweden. have been wonderful to entertain us. they have a wonderful cottage on the seashore, "osterjon" where they go bathing. lots of pine trees and they smell so fresh and pine oder (sic). we eat all the time, but can't read the scales here as they use the metric system and are different from our scales ! we go to hamstad tomorrow. love, almeda


june 23, 1954 'halsning fran hamstad'

we are in halmstad, sweden and we are leaving this morning for stockholm. i have found someone to write for me to trace dad's relations so hope to hear before i leave here. wish i had peter anderson's address too. we are visiting here and have been on the seashore in a cottage where they live in the summer. the weather has been cool most of the time we have been here. a couple of days have been very warm. love, almeda


june 25, 1954 "stockholm. kungl. slottet och strombron"

dear mabel, we took a 6 hour bus trip from stockholm, 300 km. metric system, to leksand, sweden in the dalarna province and they are celebrating mid summer over the weekend. wearing swedish costumes and folkdancing and other celebrating. it never gets dark here-light almost all night except it gets dark a little around 12 pm and then it starts to get lighter again. can almost read a newspaper without lights almost all night long. people are still wearing top coats here, love, almeda


june 26, 1954 bridge with swedish flags flying

we are in dalarna province in leksand sweden. midsummer celebration and was there a mob here last night june 25. folk dancing and modern dancing. they said 75 thousand in this town-i should say 5 thousand population, on a very beautiful and large lake-lake siljon. this is quite the place to come for midsummer. rained most of the day today. tonight we went to the dance again. love, almeda


june 30, 1954 scene of park in stockholm

dear virginia, we are enjoying stockholm very much, and the people we know are very nice. we were out to commander dyrssen's home again last night for dinner. we also were out to vreistad to see ----johnson's sister. she was not feeling too well. saw the two girls and the boy also. will write you a letter later. leaving for norway july 2. will be in solleftia until july 10. if anyone writes send it there love, almeda


june 30, 1954 hand-tinted photo of river/canal scene in stockholm

halsa dig i fran svergi ! how are yo paul-i hope you are feeling well again. sverji is a very beautiful country tho cool here for mid-summer. do not understand the swedish too well, which makes it difficult to know about the country. love, almeda


july 1, 1954 skansen amusement park in stockholm

dear mabel, we went to this place yesterday an amusement park and zoo. we had our dinner out here. today we are going on a boat trip- a little shopping-tomorrow we leave for norway by a voks wagon car-german car. we have an apt all to ourselves so we are comfortable. the people here are wonderful and we like stockholm. love, almeda


july 3, 1954 red and green fishing boats along the river in stockholm

leaving for norway with gucinella and karl dyrssen this am. will be in solleftia until july 10, then m/s kungsholm, room u-63, gothenborg, sweden. hear you have had much rain. hope everything is okay. hope paul is better. love, almeda


july 5, 1954 the coat of arms of sweden

dear mabel and paul, greetings from oslo, norway. went to the ski jump amphitheater where they held the international skiing two years ago and had dinner in a restaurant on the mt. side with a beautiful view over the baltic sea harbour and the city of oslo. afterwards we called on friends living here and they had a new house, very modern american style house. a medical prof. who have studied in america. almeda


july 7, 1954 black and white photo of rushing mountain stream norge. store skagastolstind 2405 m.o.h.

we are staying in a lodge on the mt. side close to these mts and waterfall. very scenic country and we can see the snow covered mts from the lounge and will go up there this morning. we have crossed one fjord on the ferry and will cross another this pm. the waterfalls are so pretty and so many of them on our way to solleftia. love, almeda


july 8, 1954 black & white photo of very winding mountain roads norge. trollstegen. romsdalen.

dear mabel & paul, these are some of the roads we have been traveling on today. the fjords are beautiful , the norway mountains are magnificent, so many various wildflowers blooming on the mt side. snow on the tops of the mts. pine trees, birches and many many water falls that are high. the water rushing along and very green in color. love, almeda


july 11, 1954 river and countryside of solleftea

dear mabel & paul, received your letter here and glad to hear from you at solleftea, sweden. this is far north and will take us a day and night to reach gothenborg. possibly will not have a chance to reach virginia as the time is getting so short, we leave on the m/s kungsholm tuesday. love, almeda


july 13, 1954 hotel park avenue, goteborg, sweden

dear mabel & paul, we are in goteborg sweden. getting ready to board our ship the m/s kungsholm. ate in this hotel where we are staying ad sat right next to ozzie and harriet nelson and their two boys ricky and david. they were very nice and chatted a bit with us. no more cards, will see you soon. love, almeda

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