postcards from virginia curry to mr. and mrs. paul anderson compiled by andrea

1952. Le Littoral Mediterranean. Marseille

dear folks, I'm eating lunch & about to get on the boat at Marseilles. Had a fine time in Paris-ran into 3 people I knew I hadn't seen for 2 years-really a small world. Froze in Paris but it is warm here. The plane trips were all fine, but I still like boats better. It is quite expensive in France compared to 1948 & 49. but I have ate very well-as only one can do in France. I understand why 70% of the average French income is spent on food. I've had snails,wine, steaks, pastries, fish-everything. I've been sleeping a lot. I feel fine. Now 5 days on the Mediterranean. Love, Ginny


Cairo, Egypt

Arrived yesterday in Cairo, tired but glad to be here finally. Sad I learn Don must leave in 2 days for a 35 day trip-all over Africa, so I must do all the settling in our first home alone-find an apt., a servant and all that. But I'll manage. Hope to hear from you soon. American Embassy, Cairo, Egypt. Love,Gin



Dear Folks,Having a fine time. Yesterday, I bought four Alexandretta stones-unique-for ring and earrings. The bazaar here is more fascinating than the bazaar in Istanbul. The men here wear red fezes and long nightshirt affairs on the street. All the waiters wear long white gowns with red sashes and red fezes-very picturesque. The weather is warm and sunny so I am getting tanned. I am sightseeing and such with a group of turkish profs. whom I met on the ship to Egypt, so I am not alone. Hope all is well. Love, Ginny


Ankara. Turkish Maritime Lines. october 14

Am just recovering from some food poisoning. Had my first meal in two days ! I moved to my Turkish family on Monday morning and Bedia took care of me like a baby. The father is an agriculture professor and there are 2 children, Haluk & Faront-ages 11 & 9. I think it will be very nice. They are fixing a new bathroom for me. Am over my cold now and my tummy is better. Love, Ginny


no signature. postcard of snowy forest trees.

Several months ago, we moved to Izmir, the west part of Turkey. My husband has been asked to organize a new agricultural college here. He works very hard but we are all happy and love here. We never hear from Virginia, though we miss her very much. We wish you a very happy christmas and a merry new year.


Berlin. June 8, 1954.To Miss Ginny Anderson. 1002 East College Street. Iowa City Iowa. USA.

Lil' Doll Baby ! Got a letter off to you a few minutes ago and one yesterday too--when the blurb runs in the papers, you'll have the Dick Tracys from D.C. checking on you, if they aren't already. Love, Don


Napoleon's Apartment. Germany.

Greetings from the Hapsburg Palace. Having a fine time. Hope you are all very well. tomorrow Copenhagen & Stockholm next. Love, Ginny


Hamburg. 1954.

Arrived in Hamburg 3 hours late. Don met me here since there were absolutely no flights open to Frankfurt. We are taking the train to Frankfurt. We'll be married as soon as we can arrange things in Frankfurt & we'll be flying home in 30 days. It's really cool here-wish I had brought gray suit. Feel fine, very tired and very happy. Hope you are all well. Love, Ginny.


postcard from Frankfurt, Germany

Being married today at 3:30. I wrote a check for $100.00 and it will be short about $40.00 I think. Could you cover it for us til we get home since Don doesn't get paid til we get to Paris ? I'm going crazy with arrangements this morning. More later. Love, Ginny.


1954. Kronberg Castle in Germany.

near Frankfurt.

Dear Mother- I just cashed another $100.00 check on your name in order to buy a camera that Almeda asked Don to get. We're leaving for Paris tonight & when I get to Washington I'll send $140.00 to you. Hope this is okay but we were sort of pressed until we get to Paris & Don's office. Love, Ginny.


1954. Kronberg Castle in Germany.

Letter follows as soon as I can describe it all. Honeymooning in this lovely old castle-golf course and all. Saturday to Paris for 4 days & then to Lisbon for 2 days then flying to Bermuda for 2 days & so to Washington for 4 days at least. Then may go to Dallas before Iowa since Don has business right away there. So far we don't know how much leave Don has but we hope 9? months in the US before Cairo. Ceremony & reception were lovely & never been happier ! Hope you're all well. Love, Ginny Currey.


postcard of L'Absinthe by Degas. 1954. postmarked Lisboa.

Scenes of happy marriage in Paris ! Leaving in a few minutes for Lisbon. Spent lovely days in Paris-bought two hats ! Expect to be in Washington tuesday night. Paris is really expensive these days-we'll be better off at home ! Hope the heat has not hit you too hard. Love, Ginny.


July 27, 1954. Washington DC

In the air on the way to DC. Arrive NY 6 PM after lovely 1 1/2 days in Bermuda. Had horrible weather from Lisbon -sick as a dog & steward broke rib. Baggage flew all over ! were both glad to be back in "land of the big PX and the blond blue eyed gooks". Bermuda was perfect ! Lovely beach breezes, blue water and white sand. Will know soon when and how long you can expect us. Much love, Gin.


postmarked Flushing NY. October 22, 1954. postage .04 cents.

lovely breakfast on plane-boarded at 7 & will land in NY at 11:00 ! that's travelling-400 mph. feel fine & enjoying everything. Got a record player & kitchen utensils for gifts yesterday. Love, Gin & Don.


June 7, 1955. Tripoli.

postmarked Army-Air Force Postal Service.

Leaving hospital tomorrow & back to Cairo. We are seriously considering coming back to US this summer - and don't laugh - I'm going to work my hubby thru college ! yep - Don wants to study geology & if we can get GI bill - we just may do it ! We hope Harvard or MIT in Boston. In any case, this courier life is not for marriage. Would you find out Norma Lennarson's married name & address in Boston & send it to me as I want to write her about housing, etc. in Boston. Also summer whereabouts of Donna Olson Henderson ? They are at Harvard, too. I feel fine, but still tire easily. Have healed up almost and well. Main trouble is mental - I just feel as though I've wasted 9 months & I cry sometimes when I think of our little J.C. If we come back this summer, I certainly plan to spend some time on the farm. Have had lots of nice letters from everybody & will write all when I've time. Hope you are all well. --Just now got your letter - hope this is good news ! Love, Ginny.


1955. postmarked Marseille.

Having a fine time leisurely trip home. Today we are renting a car and driving along the Riviera. I feel pretty good, weak, but able to swim in ship's pool & am getting a nice tan. Lots of nice people aboard. Plans are still indefinite pending arrival in NY & learning verdict from Harvard. We had a lovely day on Capri & a day in Florence yesterday. Don is gaining on the ship and I'm trying to lose-hope you are all fine. See you soon, I hope. Love, Ginny.


2511 Anzio Drive. Dallas.

Spent yesterday, 100 degrees in the middle of hot dusty cotton field next to noisy rig drilling for that black stuff. Tomorrow will know if it's a good one or a dry hole ! Real exciting, but so damned hot. Love, Gin.


postmarked Dallas, Texas. August 16,1955. addressed to Paul only.

Have temporary typing job for a month. Hoping for teaching job at SMU to come thru. We bought a 1955 Ford - white ! - got it wholesale from Don's uncle-but that's still expensive ! Got the cheapest model, figuring if all goes well we can trade next year- if it does, we'll be glad payments are low as they are ! Our effects still aren't here so housekeeping is a little difficult. Feel all right but these 8-5 jobs are for the birds. Love, Ginny.


September 13, 1955. Dallas, Texas

Busy as can be. Am helping with registration this week & begin teaching on Monday. Have a heavy load of four classes but I hope I can manage. Shopped for some new clothes saturday & will do some more tonight. Still have no living room furniture but we'll manage in time. I had all the in-laws to dinner on saturday- borrowed chairs from our nice landlady. Hope Dad is coming along ok & that you're feeling fine too, Mom. We're fine. Love, G.

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