marriage / travel

june 7, 1955 tripoli
postmarked army-air force postal service

leaving hospital tomorrow and back to cairo. we are seriously considering coming back to u.s. this summer - and don't laugh - i'm going to work my hubby thru college! yep - don wants to study geology and if we can get g.i. bill - we just may do it! we hope harvard or m.i.t. in boston. in any case, this courier life is not for marriage. would you find out norma lennarson's married name and address in boston and send it to me as i want to write her about housing, etc in boston. also summer whereabouts of donna olson henderson? they are at harvard, too. i feel fine, but still tire easily. have healed up almost and well. main trouble is mental - i just feel as though i've wasted 9 months and i cry sometimes when i think of our little j.c. if we come back this summer, i certainly plan to spend some time on the farm. have had lots of nice letters from everybody and will write all when i've time. hope you are all well. - just now got your letter - hope this is good news! love, ginny.

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