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postcards from pauline to mr. and mrs. paul anderson compiled by andrea


September 6, 1955. addressed to Paul at

Mercy Hospital in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Dear Dad, Feeling okay ? Marg in Davenport and ate dinner in the Lodge at Blackhawk State Park. Last night we used our fireplace outdoors for the first time & grilled steak for twelve. Now today Robbie has the mumps so he's missing the beginning of school. Happy Birthday ! Love, Pauline.


Minneapolis, Minn. October 7, 1957.

complimentary postcard from "Drug Topics."

Dear folks, Going through the drug show now. Oodles of samples. Arrived by plane at 7 last nite. Had dinner at Gloria's. Will call Evelyn later. Love, Pauline.


postcard of the Shelter House at State Park, Clear Lake, Iowa. July 20, 1954.

Dear Grandma, We all had a weiner roast here last night. It is cool this morning & the men have gone out in a boat fishing. We've been fishing & swimming down at the dock. J & J were over on sunday. Bob got back about 7. Wish I had the stroller. We're as far from dock. I'm taking clothes to be washed this am. Davy.

(italics written by Pauline I'd guess.)