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letter to miss horslund from margaret anderson
april 25, 1951

dear miss horslund:

although my mother is not a graduate of sui, she has four children who have attended or who are attending now. mrs. paul h. anderson, mother of six children, all of whom have attended college, taught school before her marriage. she has many interests, which keep her alert and interesting.

mrs. anderson is active in local , county , state and national politics, an officer in the democratic women's club in webster county, a member of the women's club and partially responsible for the establishment of the gowrie garden club. as a member of the gowrie women's club, she is particularly interested in the town library, to which the club contributes money and books. because she enjoys working with people, mrs. anderson was township chairman of the 1951 red cross drive, a census taker in the 1950 census, and on the women's club memorial day committee.

by being such an active alert person, she has been a stimulus to her children, raising them patiently and intelligently, serving as a wise counselor and close to her adult family. mrs. anderson, with her many outside interests has a large garden, does much of her own home redecorating and is an excellent seamstress who makes clothes for her own children and for her two young grandsons.

i feel that mrs. anderson is a representative sui mother, for in order that her children could achieve their goals, she sacrificed enough to give them the opportunities, yet still allowing them to make their own way towards a college education and a full meaningful life.