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postcards from margaret to mr and mrs paul anderson compiled by andrea


amana, iowa june 3 1947

postcard from amana bread ovens.

we drove to amana today - saw the woolen and furniture factory. thought about buying some gray and blue plaid but decided not to. i'll be home i hope sunday. love, marg.


culver indiana september 7 1954

culver summer cavalry school

howdy - are visiting friends, elmer's, where he teaches. they have a real cute 2 month old paul craig - sleeps all the time. the first week of school fairly rugged - i have 13 am, 12 pm kids - had to split group to fit into this house - will have another 8th teacher next week - more later. love marg, mart, dic.


rockton, illinois october 24 1961

postcard of the wagonwheel restaurant printing on the back of card - "serving quality food that we believe you particularly desire. only women are employed in the kitchen of the wagon wheel because women, through their innate sense of taste and daintiness excel in the fine of art of cookery."

dear mom - weekend in chicago visiting joan - a good trip tho tiring - out of our way going home to eat here. chicago is certainly changing. write later. love marg.