the dad project -- a brief family chronology

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george niketopoulos came to america at the

age of 14. his name was shortened to paulos.

he moved to davenport iowa and worked as a

businessman. among other businesses over

the years george had his own candy factory

located on the mississippi river, a restaurant

and apartments. george's wife mabel worked

at the cash register in the flower shop next to

his restaurant. george had 2 brothers, nick

and peter. george and mabel had four kids, 2

boys and 2 girls. dolly, bud, bobbi and dad.

george died in 1970, mabel in 1987, bud in

1990 and dad in 1997, all in davenport, iowa.

> dad's father, george (niketopoulos) paulos, born 189? ?, greece