charlie enlisted in the navy as a yeomen and went to new york city for training.

when the navy discovered that he had a college degree and was a good shot (from years of hunting on the farm), he became a gunnery instructor. he never fought in battle and served then entire second world war in the states as a gunnery instructor. he was stationed at pensacola florida, oakland california, and hawaii. dolly, his wife, joined him in florida and california but not hawaii.

later he signed up to be in the reserves and was called back during the korean war. this time he was assigned to an aircraft carrier which was stationed off japan. he ran the newspaper for the aircraft carrier which held thousands of personnel.

charles began in the navy as an ensign, then a lieutenant junior grade (jg) and came out of the korean war as a lieutenant commander.

mom's prized coat is charlie's navy coat (pictured on the charles menu page).