marriage / dolly

charles anderson and louise 'dolly' wigdahl were married in pensacola florida in 1942 while charlie was stationed there with the navy.

they had known each other for quite some time having grown up in the same area. charlie was five years her senior, and as dolly tells it, felt he needed to wait until she was a little older to ask her out on a second date. dolly was sixteen years old on their first date and it was another five years before he asked her again.




postcards from charles & dolly to mr. and mrs. paul anderson compiled by andrea


postmarked wolsey, south dakota.

february 12, 1940.

dear mother, just had supper. missed good connection and am arriving Pierre 1:45. Have caught up on sleep. Met Dolly when trains met at Le Mars. Milwaukee is ------ than the NW route. bye. Cal.


Boulder, Colorado. August 5, 1954. Echo Lake.

Dear both of you - have you been here, Mabel - it is quite tremendous. Wish you could see this wonderful country, Paul. It is inspiring and sort of gives one a new lease on life. Mother enjoying the mountain top and we are all having a happy time. Love ya - Dolly.


postcard of East St. Louis Memorial Bridge. February 7, 1955.

Am attending the Mississippi Valley Assn. meeting. Hope to see some of the town before we fly back tuesday nite. Quite an experience meeting river boasters from New Orleans to Minneapolis and Pierre. Chas.


Fort Randall Dam. Pickstown, South Dakota. June 25, 1955.

at the Dam. Hi - Just winding up our fishing trip here - came on friday evening. Fairly good luck so far. The dam a tremendous thing. The river valley deep and very beautiful here - high bluffs etc. New camp stove a big help - thanks so much for the green stamps you gave us.

Love, Cal & Dolly.


Birch Trees in Park Rapids, Minnesota. September 19, 1955.

2 days at Itasca camping. In our cabin at Pierpont now. Expect to murder the pike today. getting motor tuned up and some xtra fishing tackle. Got one Walleye, 1 Crappie, 1 Perch so far. Cabin is lovely 20 feet from the water. We sleep on the porch facing north and east. This lake fully ringed by pines. Chas.